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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Align Trex 250

This is the Align Trex 250 micro 3D helicopter. It is a fully 3D capable micro helicopter, and since it's small and has no momentum, it can fly some impressive punchy moves.

Here's some videos of mine.


eaglechaser said...

Looks interesting. Any personal flight experience with this?

Jasmine said...

Yes I have flown it a few times. It flies very nice - it is not for beginners, but it is much more stable than I expected. Flies a lot like a hopped-up 450, but it's kinda small so you don't go too far away with it :)

Check on Helifreak.com - we're all over it!

eaglechaser said...

Nice build Vid's. Thanks for the info. I'll be watching out for test flight vid's, or, let me know when you post them.

Happy flying. EC

eaglechaser said...

Nice build vid's. I'll be looking out for test flight vid's, or, let me know when you post them.

Later, EC

Jasmine said...


I have done my test flying, but haven't got to really shake it out yet. Unfortunately I haven't got any video yet. I will get some as soon as I can, but with 40+ mph winds and wicked cold lately, I don't imagine that will be any time soon :)

Jeff said...

Hi Jasmine,

I am trying to find your e-mail adr. in order to ask you for help in setting up the Gyro of my new T-250. Whatever I setup according to your very helpful YouTube video´s if keeps working incorrectly.
I have used my DX-7 and will use my DX-12 when the DX-7 works correctly.
Pls contact me at:


Many thanks in advance and cheers, Jeff. (Holland).

Bootstrap said...

Hi Jasmine,
I saw your SIG Hummer racer video, I have that same plane with no motor. Can you suggest a setup for that plane or give me an idea of what you used on that plane?

I heard in the video it was an electric motor. I think that is the path I would like to go as well.

Thanks for the great video posts.


Jasmine said...

That plane is listed on the blog as "Pink Lightning" - I used a E-flite Six Series motor and it worked very well. You have to use a good battery with it, and make some cooling holes.