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Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Flying Videos

My flying videos. I'm flying all these aircraft. Just kind of testing out the "widget" feature from Vimeo.


Helibucks said...

Great soundtrack - what is the John Lee Hooker song? Bird looks good too!

Jasmine said...

Thanks :)

Music is "The Healer" - John Lee Hooker with Carlos Santana.

Mr. K said...

Awesome music and flying...!

Buzzkill said...

Great stuff! Your certainly welcome to post your heli build videos on our forums. I won't spam your site but you can e-mail me if your interested.

Buzzkill said...

Great stuff! Your welcome to post your build videos on our forum if you want! I wont spam your site but, you can e-mail me if your interested.

Jasmine said...

@Buzzkill - I'll need a bit more information. Send me your email address, mine is listed at the top of the page.

Buzzkill said...


tried your e-mail, might not have gotten through?

Jasmine said...

Yeah I did not get anything, even checked my junk folder. Try me on RCGroups or Helifreak - Jasmine2501 on both sites.

Buzzkill said...

Thanks for the reply. my e-mail is buzzkill@helistamagazine.com the web site is Helista Magazine .com, there's a forum link at the bottom of the subscribe page.

Your videos are great and could help our people with their vids.

Keep up the good work!