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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blade 130X Review

Blade 130-X Helicopter
I picked up the 130X on impulse to kind of celebrate my new job, and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. I didn't expect much from a little plastic heli with AS3X, but Blade has done a great job again. The 130X has the stability you might be familiar with from other aircraft with AS3X, but it's much more nimble than the mCPX, and the brushless power system makes it a real 3D machine. The shaft-driven variable pitch tail system provides solid tail control even with me at the sticks! No more tail blowouts in simple maneuvers! I think if you can fly the mCPX, or you're good with simulated CP helicopters, the 130X would be a great choice for your next helicopter!

Here's the review video, flight test at the end...


Heli Luddite said...

Hi J. Found your flightdeck via the HF website. I have flown coaxials followed by a 120SR and currently playing around with an mSRX. For my first CP what do you think would be best a 130x or a nCPX?

Jasmine said...

I think the Nano would be better for a beginner. The 130X is quite durable when compared to a full size CP heli, but it's a little fragile for beginners.

Heli Luddite said...

Haven't even removed the Nano from its packaging yet(I did peep under the manual bag). Haven't had a chance to smuggle it through the main room to a safe from wrath sanctuary.