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Friday, November 23, 2007

Slow Stickin in Arvada


Joanna said...

Wow, I enjoyed your video on the Slow Stick. Your posting sure came at a good time for me. I live in Ypsilanti, MI. I am AMA member, Sico Township RC Fly Club, near A2,MI. I am drowning in this male gender oppressive hobby. It seems that they are either too afraid or what ever to share or learn. The silence is remarkably sad,as we miss so much. Thanks Jasmine for sharing a part of you, God bless, Joanna

Jasmine said...

Hey no problem. At least this video hasn't been "muted" by the Copyright Nazis... but I'm afraid what you're talking about is not really a gender thing. A lot of experienced folks are very difficult to deal with. There are some who are very helpful, and some who are not. Just keep in mind you're dealing with "geeks" for the most part, and they are socially difficult, especially if you are a woman... but they have trouble with everyone. Talk about their planes - ask questions - you will bring them out of their shell. Good luck!