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Saturday, July 28, 2007

GWS Slow Stick

GWS Slow Stick with brushless motor.

Here's a bunch of onboard videos, and at the end is the night flyer version.


TWO HARPS said...

Those are neat videos. I really like your site. Foamaholic

leslie said...


I'm enjoying your site, nice to see another female flyer :) Hey do you have aileron on that slow stick??

leslie said...

nice site, great to see another female flyer. Do you have ailerons on that slow stick??

Jasmine said...

Yeah, back at ya :)

No, I just run it 3-channel. It doesn't really benefit from ailerons unless you change to a flat wing. For night flying, it's nice to have a nice slow bird with lazy controls :)

Felipe said...


I was checking all your stuff about Slow Stick and I'd like to know which camera did you used to record all these flying videos. Also, I checked that since the first post, you changed from a brushed motor, the original part which is bundled with the airplane parts at the box, to a brushless motor, what is the difference when flying the airplane and which models/specification are you using for motor and ESC?


Jasmine said...

I used the Flycam One - the videos are shot with the original Flycam, but the newer one is better. The brushless motor provides a lot more power and is more efficient. This is helpful when carrying more weight. I use the Hobby-Lobby 400XT motor, and Castle Thunderbird 18 ESC.

Felipe said...

Thanks by your prompt reply.
Do you think worth buy a SS kit without motor and then buy a separate brushless motor? For the ESC in any motor option I'll have to buy one of it, so, it is better go directly with a brushless? I was checking the motor model you are using and a question has appeared, does this motor 400XT have the joint parts to be used to mount the motor at the airplane or you had to create the parts to put them together?
Thanks by your support.